5 Reasons to Rent Your Next Home

Buying a home is a big investment, but it can be financially beneficial if you keep your home long enough to build equity. Renting an apartment is a more appealing option for people who want an upscale home without the ongoing obligations of homeownership. Consider these five reasons to rent an apartment:

1. You’re a nurse.

Nurses are in demand throughout the United States, and the profession is expected to grow by 15% in the 10-year period ending in 2026. If you work in this profession (or you’re currently working on your nursing degree at IUPUI), you may want the freedom to relocate. Moving at the end of a lease is much easier than selling a home.

2. You’re in medical residency training.

Many students come to Indiana University Medical School for their clinical residencies or transitional year residencies. If you’re a resident at IU Health, you’ll likely have a lot of employment options in a few years. Renting an apartment near IUPUI is probably preferable to buying a home.

3. You want to pay off student loans.

In 2018, students who financed their education graduated from college with an average student loan debt of $29,800. If you have significant student loan debt, it’s much easier to pay it off if you don’t also have a mortgage (and all the associated costs of homeownership).

4. You travel frequently.

If you’re away from home frequently, you won’t have to arrange for lawn maintenance or snow removal as an apartment-dweller.

5. You prefer amenities.

If you want access to a swimming pool and fitness center, rent an apartment that offers those amenities. River West Flats has a pool, fitness center, and a dog park.

We have modern one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments within 2 miles of IUPUI – a perfect location for graduate students, university staff, and faculty. We’re on the west bank of the White River, which is a short bike ride away from Eskenazi Hospital and downtown Indianapolis, and we offer courtesy shuttle service to downtown.

Are you ready to get a closer look at River West Flats? Call us: (317) 743-2758.

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