Creative ways to conceal your clutter

If you’re like most people and you’re balancing the responsibilities of work, life, and maybe also school or family and social relationships, it might feel difficult to keep your apartment organized. There’s already a lot of guidance out there about achieving a decluttered, minimalist home. But the reality is that everyone has a little clutter in their life. Here are some easy ways to make sure it doesn’t take over.

Functional furniture

These days, there are so many options for furniture that doubles as storage and looks good, too. Chests, cabinets, and storage tables are great for any room of the house, but also consider benches and beds with hidden storage. Small storage ottomans placed around the living room make a great decorative element while also offering visitors a place to sit.

Bins, baskets, and boxes 

For electronics and device chargers, consider one of these DIY charging stations that hide the tangle of cables within. If you’d rather not have shelf items on full display, canvas or woven storage baskets help organize and conceal them. Or perhaps you do need to see the items in your storage containers; acrylic or transparent plastic drawers and storage bins can be stacked in a closet or pantry while still providing easy access. And a magnetic basket you can pop onto a fridge or filing cabinet makes kitchen and office supplies more easily accessible, and harder to lose. 

Crafty curtains

Curtains can be used to conceal clutter on racks and shelves while also adding a touch of color and contrast to the room. Use the same mounting hardware you would use to hang curtains, and instead, mount the curtain rod to the upper corners of your shelf or bookcase. If you don’t want to drill holes in your furniture, try this velcro method from Home Steady. 

Over-the-door storage

With just a little time and creativity, any door can become a closet! Door-mounted storage for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and bedrooms can help conceal items that would otherwise take up valuable countertop, closet, and floor space. House Beautiful offers these creative ways to use over-the-door shoe organizers for more than just shoes, and Wayfair offers hundreds of options for pantry door organizers to help reduce kitchen clutter. We also love this door-mounted mirror that doubles as a jewelry cabinet. 

Not all White River apartments offer the same space or functionality. River West Flats in downtown Indianapolis offers several flexible floor plans, from a studio up to a spacious two-bedroom apartment with ample closets so you have plenty of options for arranging your furniture and making a space that works for you. Call us at (317) 395-3487 for a tour and reserve your new apartment today. 

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