How to Find a Small Apartment in Downtown Indianapolis

Living and working in downtown Indianapolis has its perks – no highway commute, plenty of bike lanes that make downtown travel easy, and multiple nearby destinations for entertainment. Downtown Indianapolis apartments tend to be smaller than suburban apartments, but many renters are willing to sacrifice square footage in exchange for the convenience of downtown living.

Thinking of moving to downtown Indy? These tips may help you find the right space:

Consider More than Square Footage

“Small” is a subjective term – a 500-square-foot apartment can seem larger than a 600-square-foot apartment, depending on the floor plan and other features.

Floor plans with long sight lines – unobstructed views into other rooms – tend to feel larger than they are. Hard floors (instead of carpeting) in living areas make a room seem airier, too.

Look at the Storage Space

A small apartment should have at least one large closet. If storage space is inadequate, you’ll have to add cabinets or storage solutions, which can make an apartment feel smaller.

Check Out the Community Areas

Many downtown Indianapolis apartments have community amenities that can help you avoid clutter inside your home. For example, if an apartment building has a fitness center, you may not need fitness equipment inside your apartment, and if you feel comfortable working in the building’s business center, you might not need a desk in your apartment, either.

Community areas expand your livable space. Why read a book on your sofa, when you can do that poolside in a lounge chair?

Choose the Right Location

Be specific in your search for downtown apartments, because there’s a big difference between affordable apartments within 2 miles of IUPUI and high-rise lofts closer to Monument Circle. Apartments that are on the edge of downtown tend to have more green space, better parking options, and more affordable rents.

High-rise apartments aren’t ideal for renters with dogs. Smaller apartment buildings allow for faster access to the outdoors – and some properties on the outskirts of downtown have dog parks, as well as immediate access to walking trails.

Find Your Place

The newly remodeled River West Flats apartments on White River Parkway welcomes renters who want an urban apartment with suburban amenities. Our dog park, trail access, and river view create the feeling of being in a suburban neighborhood, although we’re just 3 miles from Monument Circle.

Let us show you what city living can be – call us to see your new home: (317) 743-2758.

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