Tips for Moving to Your First Off-Campus Apartment

At IUPUI, student housing is available, but it’s not an essential part of the college experience in the way it is at Indiana University in Bloomington or Purdue University in Lafayette. Many IUPUI students live off campus or live in student housing only for their freshman year. 

If you’re thinking about moving to your first off-campus apartment, you can find plenty of Indianapolis apartments near IUPUI. Before you sign your lease, though, make sure you consider all of the expenses you’ll have, in addition to rent and your damage deposit. 

Initial Costs

When you move to your first apartment, expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars on essential supplies. Here’s an overview of items you’ll need:

  • Cleaning supplies: Sponges, dish strainer, dish soap, hand soap, detergent, soft cleanser, broom, mop, dustpan, toilet brush and bowl cleaner, vacuum (if you have carpet or area rugs), trash bags, trash cans.

  • Kitchen items: Dishes, glassware, cookware, utensils, measuring spoons/cups, small appliances (such as a toaster or coffee maker). 

  • Cooking essentials: Spices, cooking oil, condiments.

  • Basic tools: Hammer, screwdrivers, level, measuring tape.

  • Other supplies: Flashlight, batteries, lightbulbs, candles, matches, power strip. 

You’ll also need furniture, of course. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on items you need for your home, head to your local thrift store. At the very least, you should be able to find items for preparing and serving food, and maybe even a decent coffee table and floor lamp. Also, ask friends and family if they’re getting rid of any items that you might need, and keep an eye on Craigslist for deeply discounted furniture. 

Utility Costs

In student housing, all utilities are included, but in an apartment, you’ll need to pay for at least your internet service. Heating and cooling costs can be extremely high, so look for an apartment that includes electric (and gas, if that’s the heat source). 

Share the Expenses

The costs of an apartment are much more manageable when you have a roommate. Ask around to see if anyone you know is looking for a roommate (ideally, this would be someone who’s also a student and understands the need for quiet time). 

Once you move in, hold a housewarming open house and invite friends and family – if you’re lucky, you’ll get some gift cards that allow you to purchase more schwag for your new apartment!

Live at River West Flats

River West Flats is less than 2 miles from Cavanaugh Hall and University Library (about 10 to 15 minutes by bicycle), and our two-bedroom apartments are perfect for roommates. Water/sewer and electricity is included in rent, so you’ll never have to worry about high heating and cooling bills.

Residents here have access to an outdoor lounge area, grilling station, swimming pool, dog park, and open space perfect for a game of Frisbee. We also have a fitness center, business center, and laundry facilities. 

Make River West Flats your first off-campus apartment. Call to schedule a tour: (317) 743-2758.

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